KATIE MCGHIE on her new album 'seventeen'

seventeen is a collection of songs that I wrote back when I had challenged myself to write a new song every day for an entire year. This album encompasses a time of my life where I started to truly discover who I was and wanted to be. I’ve held these songs close to my heart for several years, unsure if I’d ever release them. But as the connection to the songs have changed for me over time, this felt like the right time to let them go, to give them to all of you.
x Katie

About Katie..

Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, Katie McGhie, is wasting no time in the New Year with her next album release, seventeen, set to release February 26th.

Los Angeles, CA: Already kicking off the New Year with a bang, award-winning singer/songwriter, Katie McGhie, is set to release her next album, seventeen, on February 26th. Revisiting a collection of songs she wrote at a time when she was writing a new song every day for a year, Katie has compiled an album of songs that leave no emotion untouched. Katie’s poetic lyrics and vivid imagery provoke an evocative story, from the first song to the last. seventeen brings back the soul and simplicity of old country, the heart of folk and the storytelling you didn’t know you needed.

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